The first step to creating a hub at Narita Airport

Narita Airport latest newsPeach Aviation Limited (Peach; Representative Director & CEO: Shinichi Inoue; Head office: Izumisano – shi, Osaka) announced today that starting March 29 it will increase its number of routes departing from Narita Airport. In addition to the Tokyo (Narita) – Osaka (Kansai) route currently under operation, Peach will open new routes from Tokyo (Narita) to Sapporo (Shin – Chitose) and Tokyo (Narita) to Fukuoka.
The Tokyo (Narita) Sapporo (Shin – Chitose) route will open with one round – trip flight per day, and the Tokyo (Narita) – Fukuoka route will start with two round – trip flights daily as the company plans to continue to further expand its routes.

With its expansion in Narita Airport a rrivals and departures , Peach hopes to bring the enjoyment of low – cost air travel to more customers in the Tokyo area who have had less occasion to fly Peach.