WTM Africa Partners With Revered ASATA Diners Club Awards

WTMWorld Travel Market (WTM) Africa has great pleasure in announcing its partnership with South Africa’s top travel industry service and excellence awards, the ASATA Diners Club Awards.
The Association of South African Travel Agents (ASATA) together with Diners Club recognise the travel industry’s top contributors and influencers on an annual basis. These awards reflect excellence and outstanding service in the industry and these awards give winners a tremendous sense of pride and purpose.

CEO of ASATA, Otto De Vries says, “Over the years ASATA has regularly promoted the services of our travel agency and wholesale members, and the annual awards recognise those individuals who have contributed to the professional image of this dynamic industry.

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Air Transat improves its fuel-management program

airtransatAir Transat, Canada’s leading holiday travel airline, is acquiring a new fuel efficiency software. Developed by Swiss company Aviaso, the software will enable more accurate measurement of the impact of all the initiatives in the company’s fuel-management program.
“We already have one of the best fuel-management programs in the industry,” says Jean-François Lemay, General Manager, Air Transat. “Implementing this system developed by Aviaso gives us the means to improve our practices and further refine our program, with the goal of reducing fuel burn by another 1%.”

Air Transat’s stringent management of aircraft fuel consumption, adjustments to operating methods and investments in technology generate real, measurable reductions in aviation-related greenhouse-gas emissions. The carrier’s fuel-management program, introduced in 2003, has enabled a reduction in fuel burn of some 5%. It is acknowledged as a model for the industry, and stands out for its rigour.

Source: http://goo.gl/HypKfQ

MIA’s positive Impact on Local Jobs. Business Revenues Continues To Grow


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A newly released study from transportation analyst Martin Associates shows that Miami International Airport’s unparalleled impact on the local economy and local jobs continues to grow. Already Miami-Dade County’s top economic engine, the study found that MIA – as well as the County’s four general aviation airports – now support 282,000 direct and indirect jobs and $33.7 billion in business revenues, an increase of 4,600 jobs and $200 million over the previous year. Some 38,000 private and public sector employees work onsite at MIA, with site-generated personal wages now exceeding $1.7 billion.

“Simply put, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department continues to deliver for our community,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez. “MIA and the general aviation airports are a force for good, supporting jobs, trade, tourism and consumer spending across the county.”

Source: http://goo.gl/VO7Tpq