8.4mn Indians to book hotels online by 2016

hotelConsumer confidence to do online hotel bookings is on the rise in India, with an estimated 8.4 million Indians likely to book hotels online by 2016. This was revealed in a report compiled by Google India based on a face to face research conducted by TNS interviewing travellers who had booked a hotel in last one year and are active Internet users across India. The report revealed that the online hotel booking Industry will be worth $1.8 billion from the current $0.8 billion. The findings suggested, that there is a significant headroom for growth in the sector, as the ease of access to information and details available online are propelling consumer confidence to book hotels online. While today, only 29% of the users book hotels online, the base of total number of users who research for hotel information online and book offline was very high. Interestingly, 83% of users who research for hotels online are comfortable with transacting online and do an online transaction once a month.

According to the report, while 57% of the users who research online but book hotels offline, prefer relaxation trips and 36% of users who research online and book hotels onlines prefer luxury leisure trips. Interestingly, more women (50%) research and book hotels online compared to men (41%).

Source: http://goo.gl/lPCijm