Extra legroom in economy class flights on offer for Rs 5,500

spicejet_6NEW DELHI: Making the long overseas journey in the cramped economy class a little less painful by opting for a seat with extra legroom is going to cost a lot this summer. Several foreign airlines are giving budget flyers the options of pre-booking extra legroom seats for anywhere up to Rs 5,500 on their flights, including to and from India.

Or else, the flyer can take whatever seats are left unbooked a few hours before departure time or while checking-in at the airport. “Some international airlines have recently started levying these steep fees on India flights too,” said Anil Kalsi, a leading Delhi-based travel agent.

For instance, Lufthansa offers its economy class passengers the option to book seats with extra legroom on the popular Delhi-Frankfurt sector for up to Rs 5,500.`Standard’ seats (with regular legroom) can be booked for Rs 1,950 apiece if a family wants to ensure they travel seated next to each other.

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Government to ask airlines to reserve ‘Emergency’ quota for last-minute flyers

Airlines-NewsNEW DELHI: Civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapati Raju will soon ask airlines to set aside two or three seats per flight for passengers booking last minute due to an emergency, bringing some much-needed relief to emergency fliers, who currently shell out anywhere up to five times more than the normal fare for their last-minute flights.

“A few seats can be reserved every flight for passengers who are flying due to medical emergencies,” Raju told ET. “These seats, which could be two or even three per flight, could be opened a few hours before the departure,” he said. He said a few European countries follow this system of allocating a few seats for emergency and his ministry is trying to develop a flawless system that “does not lead to any scam”. “A decision will be taken after proper discussions,” he said.

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