‘Sarang’ to be showstopper at Aero India

aero-indiaNEW DELHI: A magnificent display by both civil and military aircraft besides famed aerobatic teams from around the world would enthrall audience in Bengaluru as the 10th edition of Aero India gets inaugurated tomorrow.

Asia’s premier air show will see world-acclaimed aerobatics teams – Breitling Wingwalkers (US), Scandinavian Air Show, Flying Bulls from Czech Republic, Yakovlevs formation display team from UK – captivating the young and old onlookers alike with their stunts.

However, India’s very own Indian aerobatics team ‘Sarang’ flown by young IAF helicopter pilots will be the showstoppers as they take to the sky.

The IAF Sarang Helicopter Display Team has the unique distinction of being one of only two helicopter display teams in the world, the other being ‘Blue Eagles’ of the British Army.

Source: http://goo.gl/dMYbrl